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...I'm not quite following you on the dichromate amounts. 5ml of 8% concentrate makes 0.4 g of dichromate for your 8x10" sheet, which makes 0.005 g/sq. in - right? I'm using 12ml of 2% solution on a 8x11", which makes 0.0027 g/sq. in, so it has more contrast.

I don't have a densitometer, but I can say my negative is quite thick but not too contrasty.

Thanks for your advice, I'll let you know how it goes.
Sorry, I wrote a response right away, but must have forgotten to click on "Submit reply"!

And sorry for the math error. I meant that a tissue for an 8x10 negative gets a total of .4 grams of Ammonium dichromate. The actual tissue size is 9x11, close enough to call it 100 sq inches, so I use 0.004 grams per sq inch. The amount you use per sq inch is what I standardize on for my workshops, and I consider 0.0005 per sq inch to be about the lower limit.

But the B&S tissue has a much higher inherent contrast than my tissue I use and that I make for my workshops.

I use fixed out photo paper for my own work and for the workshops. So I have not witnessed the mirco-frilling...but will keep an eye out for it in the future.

Good luck in refining your process!