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Thanks, but it seems that this discussion mainly covers the truism that there's a difference between a push and a true speed increase. (I tried it both in German and English to make sure I was understanding it correctly---the Google Translate version is a little surreal but intelligible.)

I know I'm not going to get back nonexistent shadow detail, contrast and grain will be higher (grain? from Efke 25 in medium format? that'll be interesting to see)---I've done plenty of experiments in pushing film and I'm not laboring under any illusions that it's magic. But the roll is already shot and there it is; fortunately I think the subject matter may work well with the look of pushed film.

And I appreciate the offer of Rodinal, I know the people who love it love it, but I probably have too many different developers around already.

If it turns out that this really is terra incognita, I'll shoot a test roll in similar lighting and try it at 12:30 as a starting point.