So I processed a roll last night. Final rinse was 1L of distilled water + 5mL of Ilfotol for roughly 30 seconds. Hanging to dry, the negatives were drying abnormally fast. There was already only a few drops here and there. I ended up using the squeegee once, but that's it. I probably didn't even need to. But as most of it was dried, I inspected and blobs still appear on the base side. The emulsion side appears to be fine, it seems. I don't know. I'll look into the film sponge and alcohol thing...but I would've figured this would've worked. The only thing I can think of now is reloading it onto the spiral (I haven't cut the negatives, it's still hanging) and rewashing with 1L of distilled water at roughly 20C. Should I readd Ilfotol though? I'm not sure.