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So I processed a roll last night. Final rinse was 1L of distilled water + 5mL of Ilfotol for roughly 30 seconds. Hanging to dry, the negatives were drying abnormally fast. There was already only a few drops here and there. I ended up using the squeegee once, but that's it. I probably didn't even need to. But as most of it was dried, I inspected and blobs still appear on the base side. The emulsion side appears to be fine, it seems. I don't know. I'll look into the film sponge and alcohol thing...but I would've figured this would've worked. The only thing I can think of now is reloading it onto the spiral (I haven't cut the negatives, it's still hanging) and rewashing with 1L of distilled water at roughly 20°C. Should I readd Ilfotol though? I'm not sure.
Don't re-wash - gently wipe the base (non-emulsion) side of the film with a dampened, lint-free soft cloth.

Make sure you don't inadvertently scratch the emulsion side while you handle the film.

The clue to your problem is your reference to the film drying "abnormally fast". This tells me that your humidity is very low. Did you wet down your shower area before you hung the film to dry there?

If you are going to squeegee, it is the base side you should concentrate on.

Also, can you hang your film sideways, so the water only needs to travel about 30 mm to reach the edge?