i'm well familiar with this problem.. it's up to the seller if they want to sell their products to me. i don't have any problem with that. if maco doesn't like my money it's fine. i asked fotoimpex about this as well they're fine with it. i've already managed to get some stuff off germany just waiting it to arrive here (all chemistry from moesrch). there's a lot of hassles just to get photographic materials here. that's too bad. if i'm in manila it is much easier for me to get these stuff although i love it here. it such a beautiful place. worth the hassles if you ask me..

anyway, my money is not from iran so i don't think seller should look up on that. my bank is in the philippines all of my accounts from online are made while i'm there it is just that i'm living here right now.

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That might be a little more difficult - don't you guys have UN-imposed sanctions or something? I realise you're not trying to sell oil or buy nuclear materials but it's obviously a lot easier for a shop owner to just say "no" than bother to look up the details of the sanctions.