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"Ortho" film usually means it IS spectrally sensitized (with sensitizing dye) for green wavelengths, in addition to blue. Non-sensitized emulsion is blue-sensitive only. Those are also available for some special purposes such as copy films as mentioned before in this thread.
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Among other consequences, all that means that to mimic a plain emulsion with a pan film and filters, use a blue filter. To mimic an ortho emulsion, use a cyan filter which passes blue and green.
Sorry to mix things up, but I'm rather confused.
I'd like to simulate non-sensitized emulsion (like wet plate collodion) with an ortho emulsion, which filter should I use? From what has been said, I understand that I could achieve the same effect with a panchromatic film and a deep blue filter like a 47b, but I haven't quite understood what filter is best with orthochromatic emulsion...if anyone could shed some light on the matter, I'd be extremely grateful

I was also wondering if anyone had any experience developing Ilford Ortho Plus with Rollei Low Contrast developer for pictorial use. I took a couple of portraits in the studio, exposing the film at 50 iso and I can't find info on this combination anywhere