fraud isn't that big of a problem but well yeah, there are sellers that can choose whether to deal with someone that credentials are questionable like me LOL.. i don't think its hard for me to confirm my identity though. i have all my ids here etc.

all online purchases (camera stuff / books / vinyl records) are shipped to manila. too cumbersome though i have to pay shipping too much and i have to wait for a few months before i get my hands on them. i will yet to try on shipping stuff from manila to iran. i'm just too tired of waiting stuff before i get my hands on it. i need to get films/emulsion and other stuff and ship it directly here if it's possible. if not i think someone could do it for me. i'm just worried on the chems i just ordered. it might not get it here safe. goodluck to me. i hope it arrives here soon!!! i have it addressed to my wife and their hospital. fingers crossed!

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That's going to make it worse for most sellers because paying from one country for delivery to another is a classic sign of fraud, e.g. the use of stolen credentials. Maybe if macodirect doesn't like Iran and you've got friends in Manila they could accept your package and re-post it for you?