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4 x 5 detail was essentially wasted in the process used to put the photographs on to newsprint - have you ever looked closely at the half-tones used in old newsprint photos .

As 35mm cameras and lenses and systems became common, and 35mm film was improved, the smaller format was quickly recognized as being much more appropriate for deadline sensitive work.
All news print to me is really "grainy" ya know the dpi is really low, and dots themselves are large, so being that I'm 30 I never lived through the 4x5 press camera era so I just assumed the 4x5 image was a common size for newspapers of the past and it was sort of a "contact" style print. I've never actually seen an old paper from like the 50's or earlier. Not sure I could even find microfiche anymore none of the libraries even have those machines anymore. Wonder where it all went...


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