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Only minds are dirty.
I 'came of age' rather late, after the rather uninspiring beginning in the suburbs of Los Angeles and when I moved off to university in far northwestern California. I spent a lot of time in the Falls and Summers at the local "Free" beach. After a couple times, nude bodies were no longer a big deal...we were just young people at the beach, playing volleyball, frisbee, swimming if we dared (the ocean only warms up to the low 50's). The nudity was relaxing...not tittalizing (is that really a word, LOL!). It seems the America as a whole gets off on Puritanism. As if we can't enjoy sexuality unless it is the forbidden fruit.

My own mind -- I tend to think "nice body" ( I am no monk), then get past that and look a little deeper, if there is anything there that might be worth the time and exploration.

One of my boys (almost 16) has recently gotten into Japanese anime -- it is fun to watch some of it with him. One series I joke a lot about with him because it is so obviously a form of animated soft porn -- almost kiddie porn. Blows my mind at times. It is by no mean subtle!