First post here - be kind!

I have a fair amount of experience with quirky cameras and developing my own stuff - I keep and use a fairly sizable collection (they should all be in the signature - if I can remember them all!), and I have a fair bit of developing experience - but I can't quite work out what's going on with this negative.

It comes from a roll shot on my Lomo LCA..

Several frames from the roll worked out fine, however, a large portion of the film came out blank (unexposed, not overexposed), save for "light leak" looking patches at intervals. In a few of these patches you can occasionally see ghosts of an image.

I'm going to try and attach a scan of an affected portion of the negative here... note the slight ghosting of an image in one of the "light leak" patches:


I've had sticking shutter problems on this camera before, but that doesn't explain the partial images - or does it?

The shutter seems to work fine when operated with the back open and no film loaded.

The frames that worked weren't all together on the roll - there were half a dozen frames that shot fine - followed by a portion of film like the attached, followed by another few correct fames, then a further portion of blankness.

I don't suppose it helps, but for sake of giving all the information, the roll was Kentmere 400, and was developed in FD10 1+14 at 20 degrees for 18 mins.

The numbers in the edges of the film developed correctly throughout - this, together with the successful frames leads me to diagnose the problem occurring in the camera, not with the development.

Any ideas?!