I certainly have no 'prudish' problem with nudity. But I do have a major problem with the American need to sensationalize it and call it ipso facto 'art'.

Like the Europeans, I see nudity as 'no big deal'. I do NOT, however, see it as something beautiful in and of itself like a lot of Americans do who want to indulge their obsession with being able to 'express' themselves. Yes, indeed, the Puritan ethic is pervasive here in the USA, even amongst people who think themselves liberated from it!

Nudity should be an afterthought, not a necessity in order to make a point. Like left-handedness, it should be not 'thought' about. The Europeans have that 'over us' for sure with their far more mature outlook on the human condition.

But what I want more than anything else at this point is to question SuzanneR, and force her to reveal to me, "just how did you get that proper accent on the 'a' of Pieta"? - David Lyga