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Gerald, Thank-you. So what I need to work out now is whether D76 is similar enough to D94a once the sodium thiosulfate is added to produce similar results? I'll find the formula and post them.


afaik, DTOD is the hypo for which we use the sodium thiosulphate. ....

Wrong! DTOD is HOCH2CH2-S-CH2CH2-S-CH2CH2OH (1,2-di(2-hydroxyethylthio)ethane). It was substituted for 9.1 ml of sodium thiocyanate (51% solution) (not thiosulfate) to turn D-94 into D-94A.

D-94 is very different from D-76. D-76 does not have the energy to make a good reversal first developer, although variants of it have been used for some special purposes. Reversal first developers are normally high contrast negative developers, like D-19, with some thiocyanate added as a silver solvent to keep the highlights clear. D-67 is another popular first developer. It is simply D-19 with 2 g per liter of potassiun thiocyanate added. Dektol is fairly close (but not the same) as D-19; diluting it 2+3 and adding thiocyanate may (but only may) work decently.