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I'm talking about the error spec on the specification sheet or industry standard, not the resulting effect. In other words, the ANSI/ISO spec for light meter calibration is probably not anything close to 30% error. I don't ahve the standard at hand but I'm remembering from memory. But, Yes, of course the effect of error anywhere in the exposure chain affects the exposure on film.
Well, It's my opinion that the error spec. is in error. As far as getting the shutter back with a slip of paper giving the real vs. marked speeds, how would you feel if I returned your Hamilton 992 with an error chart? (You can get 3 decent 992s for the price of one new Copal 3)

I think it should be a matter of prior agreement as to whether or not the slip of paper is acceptable. The speeds should at very least be within whatever the accepted industry spec. is, regardless of whether or not I think that is a valid spec..