Potentially not - the film has been in the camera for a fairly long period of time - and I have a feeling a lot of the frames that didn't come out were shot on a summer camping trip - meaning the camera could have been in bright sunlight more at that time than at the time of the successful frames. It just seems odd to me the potential shutter issue and the potential light leak issue should only affect the same portions of the film.

Also, seeing a small portion of image in the light leaked area wouldn't happen if the shutter wasn't firing - the only thing i can think of there is that perhaps the camera was massively underexposing for those frames, and the leaked light brought affected areas of the film to an acceptable exposure level for the development - but being 400 speed film shot in pretty bright sunlight, if it were underexposing it would have to be firing the shutter at speeds I don't think the LCA is capable of!

The only other possible explanation I can think of would be that if by pure chance the light leak was forming a pinhole and the camera was left in one place for a while in bright light, then the result could be an image rendered onto the film in the leaked area?