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I want to disagree here! The classic V-body is definitely much smaller than my SL66 or a Rollei 6000. Smaller than a Mamiya TLR too I think. They are as compact as a Rollei TLR. Only Bronica 6x6 should be of the same size.
This is definitely true of the stripped down models. puketronic mentioned prisms, 645 backs, digital backs, and the wide array of accessories. If you kit out a Hasselblad to mimic much of the standard built in functions of a Rollei 6008i you end up with a frankencamera that is no where near as elegant nor capable as a Rollei 6008i.

I cut my teeth on a Bronica ETRS. I ended up getting the Rollei 6008i because it had so much stuff already built in and well integrated. Yes, when I got it I initially felt regret because of the size and weight of the camera. But I soon got used to it and really loved the fact I had an integrated piece of equipment that did it all.

I normally detest "showrooming." I feel if you are going to go in and waste a salesman's time looking at a camera you should buy it from them, but in this case I will make an exception. If someone is thinking of buying either system they should go somewhere where they can physically handle both cameras. But even that is tricky because it took a while for me to appreciate the Rollei 6008i.

Anyway puketronic and anyone else considering a system has to figure out their long term goals first. Then they have to figure out which issues really matter. If all puketronic wants is an SLR with a waste level finder and a 120 back then a Hassy is a fine choice. But for me the tipping point came once I started looking for a certain degree of versatility and convenience. And having interchangable lenses and back is not "versatility" in my opinion. That is what I would call the bare minimum.

I figured out my desires after shooting for years with an ETRS and doing a lot of research. I just think with some of the comments regarding mechanical shutters and mirror lock up indicate more research is necessary.