Agreed that part of the appeal of lomo is unpredictable results - but there's a line somewhere between a few light leaks and fuzzy lens-effects and having 70% of a roll of film not come out at all!

I'll work the shutter a bit without a film in and then put another roll through it and see what happens... if it doesn't work after that i'll not bin it, I'll sell it (with the caveat that I don't know whether it works properly)! LC-As are going for 80 on ebay now, and the "new" one made by lomography is 200 - why anyone would pay that amount of money for a cheap point-and-shoot with a plastic lens, I don't know - but there you go.

I'll not spend too much time and effort on it - I have other old but "decent quality" cameras that need some TLC from time to time but the results are much more rewarding when they do work...

Just had the shutter in bits on my old Zeiss Ikon 515/2 after seizing it by changing speeds after cocking the shutter (stupid non-thinking mistake) - took a few hours to free the shutter and then a decent amount of time on top of that to get the front lens screwed on in the right position to focus correctly. Time well spent as it's now working again and it produces seriously lovely results... just shows 70 year old German engineering beats 30 year old Russian engineering!