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What nworth said. The recipe ilford presented was tailored for ilford's offerings. This is why I make a hypo solution an add it at developing time, if required at all. You need to build up enough developed silver first, and that will be different with each type of film. I do not put any pre-mixed in the developer for that reason. Just have a look at the tables I posted on my blog.

I shoot a bunch of frames ranging from 25 to 1600 iso in 1 stop increments with a card indicating what iso I am shooting. When I look at the developed strip, it allows me to guess how much more (or less) hypo to add. You need to take a more systematic approach to nail it down.
Mr Red. Thanks for the response and I have been studying your blog and wanted to ask you some questions. I worked out that the reduced volume of hypo (0.5g in 330ml) I was using in my 2nd hypo test was in the same ballpark as yours when I tried it. It was hard to measure 0.5g and I thought that next time I would use your hypo solution method so I could work with smaller increments more like 0.1g per 330ml. Obviously my film is not one you have tried so I will need to work out the right amount of hypo for the Tri-X I hadn't thought it would be such a drastic deviation. Clearly I need to do a lot more tests and then I really ought to be testing on Super 8. I think that the slightly opaque base of the Tri-X is making it hard to evaluate at the moment.

Question1. 'You need to build up enough developed silver first'. You mean getting the first development time and dilution correct before hypo trials?

Question2. Also, how did you decide whether to use Dektol at 1+1 or 1+2 for each type of film?