My last post sparked some discussion of old age. Sorry. And, the date for the DVDs should be 2008 not 1998. Sorry. So, I am now older and wiser. I hope.

Anyhow, Kodak once made a Universal MQ developer for film and paper that cane packed alone or in Tri Chem Packs. They also had a liquid called Versatol which could develop films or paper. This worked well when the films were 4x5, but as people moved to 35mm and the films became more sophisticated, these products were no longer recommended as universal.

All of the major film companies recommended different developers for film and paper, and different dilutions for the fixer to be used for them. This is to get the optimum image.

So, i suspect that when using 4x5 negs from Dektol, one will be quite happy as compared to the 35mm user who develops his film in Dektol.

In 1965, I was starting work at Kodak after leaving the USAF and getting my graduate degree. So, yes I am older than in the picture. I'll have to post a portrait or something I guess.