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thanks for all your input on this subject. I do have the 4 x 5 series b that I enjoy very much. But the automatic iris feature of the super 3 1/4"x 4 1/4" is just great for taking photos of my kids (with them always changing position, never sitting still and all)! I just thought this would be a good avenue to explore because I have looked at getting an auto 4 x 5 and the prices for them are getting pretty silly and way out of my range. I just love using these cameras though. I have a burke and james 4 x 5 that I hardly ever use anymore because these cameras are so much fun.
hi pablogustav

i have a series d (4x5 ) and have been known to chase my kids around the yard with it
why not sell the camera you have and get one that requires no modifications ?
you might get what $$ you need for the super ?
or use a roll back so you don't need to deal with sheet film and holders ?
( i have a roll back taped to the back of my series d and use it all the time )

modifying a 3x4 to 4x5 doesn't seem too difficult. you need to remove the old back
and probably shim the new one so it is the right distance to focus correctly.
maybe ... someone who has done this can tell you the right size shims to use
and all you need is a back, and a screw driver and some lathe ?

good luck with your fun project !