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No the specificity of the product was also due to the dip coating machine, that was the only one remaining in the world. The Efke 100 emulsion was designed to be coated with such a coating machine. Not with a modern 8 layer coating machine. This is incompatible with speed coating and so on. The sensitizer question is a annex question.

and, as for the Pan 100, Pan 400 and so much other products, we have to wait and see. For the first two, we are still waiting...

From the Adox website : +++ PAN 400 is ready for production but due to the sudden changes at Fotokemika who manufactured the CHS line of films for us we had to prioritize and decided to invest in the remanufacturing of a 100 ASA material at first+++

I'm pretty sure the quality of the new Adox 100 will be even better than Efke 100.