Hi all,

So I acquired one he11 of a haul yesterday at a gallery (imagine 50 rolls of Fuji and Kodak 35mm for .25$ each), and it included some Iflord WT paper and some Ilford WT developer.

I have zero experience with the developer. I absolutely love the results I get from using LPD 1:6 and Ilford Fiber WT MGIV, so I am curious about using the warmtone developer at something like 1:9. I'm looking for strong blacks and midtone/highlights leaning towards a bit sepia coloring.

Unfortunately, using the search function reveals little info or examples, mainly because the minute you type warmtone and Ilford you inevetibly end up with a ton of threads about the paper and little about the paper + developer combo.

Any info regarding concentrations, etc would be great. Thanks!