Well well, looks like Santa was late this year, but because of his mistakes he really took care of what I've dreamed of havin' - he damn knew exacly what to bring and exacly how to turn me on:

E6 & C41 kits by tsiklonaut, on Flickr

Fuji E6 & C41 kits by tsiklonaut, on Flickr

OK, some film too to work on:

Late Christmas by tsiklonaut, on Flickr

Soon i'll have to take on my first E6 and C41 DIY project without any processor - with a simple development tank only.

This is no Tetenal kit, it's the full 6 solutions for the E6 dev. C41 seems to be very easy in comparison - only 3 solutions.

Will post the results - win or lose (erm, I mean a success or a disaster )