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In the late 1970s I had a summer job working as a darkroom technician for the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

By then, all of the photographers were using 35mm cameras. The "standard issue" cameras were Nikon F's, although a few photographers shot something else (Leicas and Pentax and in one case Konica, IIRC).

No medium format or large format at all.

As part of my job, I used to fill the quieter times by printing to fulfil print orders that would come in from members of the public. The Sun had a huge negative archive, and anyone could, for a fee, obtain a print from anything in the archive.

The one and only print I have ever done from a large format negative was as a result of one of those orders. The Chief photographer at the Sun was essentially the department manage by then, but he had taken many many shots for the newspaper. Probably most famously, he had shot the iconic photo of Bannister and Landy during the "Miracle Mile" at the 1954 Empire Games in Vancouver - the first ever mile race where two or more racers ran a sub 4:00 minute mile.

So someone ordered a print from that negative - approximately 25 years after the fact - and I did the print on the single remaining enlarger there that was set up for 4x5.

I distinctly remember one of the older photographers there seeing me with the print, and saying something like "Is Charlie still riding on those laurels" .

Here is an image of that front page: http://www2.canada.com/vancouversun/...ed/runner.html

The print looked pretty good, but even then the grain and "tonality" of that 25 year old negative (processed to meet a deadline) meant that it didn't look much better than a print done at that time from a then current 35mm negative.

And the 35mm films available today (including the so called "traditional" 400 ISO films) are definitely improved from the films that were available in the 1970s.
Thanks Matt, very interesting, yea that's a terrible picture, shocking anyone would want a print of that by todays standards but I guess it was news, now people want to see Miley syric's (No idea how to spell her name) crotch shot, man how times have changed... really makes me wonder.

Also PE why "unsharp" I've never honestly understood the sharp/unsharp thing, why is it beneficial to "unsharpen" something?