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Thanks Matt, very interesting, yea that's a terrible picture, shocking anyone would want a print of that by todays standards but I guess it was news, now people want to see Miley syric's (No idea how to spell her name) crotch shot, man how times have changed... really makes me wonder.

Also PE why "unsharp" I've never honestly understood the sharp/unsharp thing, why is it beneficial to "unsharpen" something?

A print from the negative looks very good, and originally the photograph reproduced quite well (for 1954) on the original newsprint. What you see in the link in my post is a scan of the old, original front page of the newspaper.

There aren't many versions of the original photo on the internet - as I understand it, Charlie Warner owns the copyright to the photo, and has protected it carefully.

Scroll down to adjacent to the July 30th entry on this link to see a marginally better version: http://www.vancouverhistory.ca/chronology1954.htm