FS: Sinar Foba Alfae Tripod:
Sinar Foba Alfae Tripod legset with geared Alfae crank operated elevating column and included 85mm diameter Top Plate. This is the current version of this tripod. Solid, beautifully designed and built, very similar to a Gitzo, more substantially executed. Condition: Excellent with small paint loss around collar bolt area. This tripod has seen very little use.

Extremely versatile: Legs may be extended with Combitubes (not included), feet may be removed to reveal spikes. The column parts and top plate may be interchanged with a Gitzo Series 4 or 5 systemic Tripod that has an 85mm diameter collar. Note that the 85mm Alfae top plate and the Gitzo top plate are nearly identical and are interchangeable.

The Alfae crank operated elevating column can be used with the Alfae tripod or as a side arm with any tripod. The elevating column can be used on a Gitzo Series 4 & 5 systemic tripod or the Gitzo Rapid Column G525 can be used on the Alfae tripod. All you need is a 10mm wrench to change out parts between tripods.
(See photos of the Gitzo rapid column on the Alfae tripod).

The Specs: Weight of leg-set only: 9.74 lbs. Weight with elevating column: 13.65 lbs. Leg sections: 3, Folded height: 32 inches, Maximum height with column down: 67 inches, Height with column extended: 79 inches, Maximum load: 33 lbs.

Selling price: $750.00 shipped in the continental US.