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It's not the thickness... it's the size. A 3x4 rb is not the same size as a 4x5. The adapter plates probably won't fit without an adapter panel of some sort.
tim in san jose
The adapter plate IS what is provided by Bert.

I'm attaching a couple of images from the instructions that Bert sent me when I converted the 4x5 Graflex to a Graflok back.


This is the plate that makes the Graflex back a "Graflex". This is the part that you will remove for safekeeping. You will attach a Graflok back that you acquire yourself; Bert does not supply the Graflok back. You attach the Graflok to the conversion plate, which is the product that is provided by Bert, which in turn attaches to the rotating plate/mechanism of the R.B., seen below in front (the back plate is the plate shown above)

STEP 1.jpg

The thickness of the conversion plate is made so that the film plane will be in the same exact spot as would have been the case with the original Graflex back.

Now, my understanding is that with a 3x4 Graflex --> 4x5 Graflok conversion, it's the same exact idea, except the conversion plate has to be catered to the smaller rotating mechanism plate of the 3x4 Graflex. I'm rereading one of the Emails I got from Bert back when I purchased his kit and this is what he says:

" You have never said if your "D" model is a 3x4 or a 4x5....need to know that, as the opening and the 14 screw circle pattern on the RB back is different for the 3x4 vrs the 4x5!"

So I'm pretty sure it means that the configuration of the conversion plate will be different, but the basic concept and the results will be the same; you convert either a 3x4 or 4x5 Graflex to a 4x5 Graflok back, and Bert fabricates the conversion plate accordingly.

And, to repeat, even IF some adjustments need to be made, it would only involve "shimming" the GG upwards (away from the mirror), which is, so far as camera modifications go, pretty simple and quite harmless.