After many years of b&w processing, I've had my first go at colour. I discovered a quantity of 35mm & 120 Kodacolor films that I had exposed during the 70's stored in a wardrobe! I purchased a Tetenal C41 kit and developed 2 films using my Jobo CPE2 & lift.

After following the process instructions to the letter, both films were blank. The leader was fogged as usual, but even the Kodak name & frame number were missing. One film showed very light signs of margins between frames, and partial images although very faint.

I have another 8 rolls remaining, but don't want to risk having the same results without some expert advice. Do I need to increase development times etc or due to the age of the film, am I wasting time and chemicals?

I know I have some sentimental images on the films, so would really like to recover something from them if possible.

I've just processed 2 rolls of recently exposed films, and they're perfect. So proving there's nothing wrong with chemicals, equipment or me!

Any advice would be appreciated.

Regards, Barry