You guys with 4X5's that want to dabble in Soft Focus, but don't want to spend $2300 for a Pinkham & Smith lens, and wish there was something in a shutter instead of all these old barrel lenses . . .

Here's an antique entry level lens from a 95 year old Post Card size folder that has been re-fitted to a newer Betax shutter that allows it to work "uncorked".

This is basically the equivalent of the famous "kodak Portrait" lenses, except in 2/5ths size. This is 130mm f5.5

Wide open it is very soft! As you stop down you'll see the image firming up, and by f16, it's a sharp lens!

Take a look at the Galli Style page to get some ideas of what you can do in Soft Focus. This will be a lot of fun for someone. $225 includes shipping in USA