Paul, I think you meant MILLIgrams of KI.

And, the hypo is present in table salt to preserve the KI which decomposes into Iodate and Iodine.

Why use table salt in a developer? For the KI present. To restrain slow Azo type emulsions, and also it is used in Microdol-X as a silver halide solvent, and is used in some fix formulas and wash aids!!!

The Silicate is water soluble but can be retained as it is a large molecule and washes out slowly and the Iodide and hypo are not very good. Ferrocyanides can cause fog. So, it remains to be seen whether these can be used without harming your precious negatives. I don't use table salt for any purpose. I did the experiment one time and the result in making an emulsion was a disaster, as Silver Silicate formed as did Silver Iodide. The tiny amount of hypo also increased fog!