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Oh, yeah... also....

When you put your RC paper in print developer, images start to appear almost immediately. Keep it in there for at least a minute, may be a little more. Pulling early will result in less density and bring about potential difficulty with consistency. I usually develop RC paper for about a minute to a minute and half.

Good job.
This is the single best piece of advice I can think of when it comes to printing. I starting printing again a couple of weeks ago, after a three-year absence. I waited so long because my last printing attempts were so dismal.

I used to eyeball the print in the developer, but you just can't. I put my prints in the developer emulsion-side down and use a timer.

Also, I used to put my enlarger on the bathroom counter in front of a mirror on the wall, but I believe this affected my prints. I now place my enlarger on a little table far away from the bathroom mirror. It is less sturdy than the counter but my prints do look better.