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Technical correction: The Rollei 6008i has a waste level viewfinder. Hasselblad has a waist level finder.

I do not have the Rollei Puketronics packages on my Hasselblad, just the lens(es), viewfinder, and film back. In fact I do not have any electronic devices on my camera other than a light meter.

By the way does a barff bag come with the Rollei 6008i Puketronic?
"puketronic" is the forum name of the person who started this thread. I was tailoring my remarks for his specific stated needs. I skipped your other remarks because I gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed they were fueled by this misunderstanding.

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We live in an age where film cameras are being made a mere fraction of the amounts made just 15-20 years ago, so used is a good bet...used and easy to find replacements or get repaired is a *great* bet.

I did a search on ebay for both "Rollei 6008" and "Hasselblad", the latter being a fully usable system across a broad variety of models, not sure about the Rollei stuff.

The results are 91 for Rollei 6008 and 7,100 for Hasselblad....kind of all you need to know...right?

I use a 501CM with a 500CM as a backup or second...I have never needed it as a backup.
Well the "Rollei 6008" will only bring up camera bodies and accessories for about three common modern iterations of Rollei SLRs where as Hasselblad will bring up a bunch of stuff including digital cameras covering a much larger time span. Also even within a certain time span Hasselblad sold many things as accessories that came either built into the various 6008s or were commonly sold included in kits. So no motor winders or metering prisms.

I understand where you are coming from though on the spare or replacement parts thing. Fortunately for me all I need to do is pick up an extra body and some spare backs when they become available. I only need one extra body. And as you yourself stated you never needed a backup camera even though you acquired one. I am not a professional. It will take decades for me to approach the limits of my equipment through normal use.

You do raise a good point. I did not do a full Hasselblad vs "whatever." It is up to puketronics to take the information presented in this thread and do his own research. I would never say anyone made a horrible mistake getting a Hasselblad. And certainly not in comparison to a Rollei SLR. The glass is the same. For the most part they take identical pictures. Anyway everyone has their own risk tolerance and if taking a chance on the smaller pool of Rollei bodies is unacceptable to someone that is their choice. I can neither condone or condemn it. There is no right answer. I just saw some information that puketronics had that I think was a little incorrect. The 645 thing struck a cord with me because the device to cure that particular issue was invented long ago and you can use it with the same Zeiss glass.