I have started to develop a curiosity in view cameras to the point I am considering buying one. I have never dabbled in large format or with any cameras with movements for that matter. I would like to find a used inexpensive camera that has the capability of using 120 film... One thought is to go with a mini (2x3) Crown Graphic or other Graflex camera with a Graflok back. But as I have considered further I wonder if it would make better sense to get a 4x5 camera which would open the door to 6x12, in addition to 6x9. If I were to go with 4x5, I wonder though if a 130ish mm lens would be too long for medium format? I notice that the 2x3 versions typically utilize a 100ish mm lens.

Also, the 2x3 has some size advantage I presume, but any idea how much?

At this point I have no LF film, nor ability to process, scan, or print... I am able however to process and scan MF film - hence my interest in 120.

Thoughts and advice appreciated. Thanks.