I get the litigious angle they are going at but it seems a pretty sad commentary on our world that news isn't news unless its safe for the journal/newspaper to print without repercussion.

I was recently at a news desk at 30 Rock (Rockefeller Center NY MSNBC news desk) and one of the desks had a quote on it which I found interesting... Which I now can't find even though I personally wrote it down... Ugh... Well it basically said 'newspapers should be shocking, if its not shocking then it's just advertisement for someone' that is a terrible paraphrase of a really good quote but that's the simplest I could get it down to.

Anyway I think that news has gone down the toilet, I haven't watched a news anchor on TV and not been embarrassed by how uneducated and in cultured they are, they are trying to appeal (relate) to the stupid people by hiring buffoons to report instead of acting like real journalists because speaking intelligently would probably confuse half the population and they would change the channel instead of challenging them to be more intelligent and worldly It's a pretty sad state of affairs... And now newspapers are failing just as badly... I'm afraid for the future... Does anyone know what happened with that 'propaganda bill'? Maybe that's why they won't take Syrian coverage.


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