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This is why news photographers used Dektol. It was quick, grainy, and unsharp. Used for 3 mins. (1:3) or 7 mins. (1:7) with Super XX film and a quick wash and dry in Alcohol and they had a printable negative for the newspaper.

There is another thread here on Dektol as a film developer. I wish this could be crossed over with that!

'Been there, done that'. My first couple of years (57- 59) as a photographer for the University of Michigan student newspaper (Michigan Daily) when on a tight deadline, I occasionally tray processed a 4X5 sheet in a tray of Dektol and printed the negative wet. Newspaper reproduction was via a Fairchild Scan-A-Sizer.

When Google searching for "Fairchild Scan-A-Sizer", I came across this interesting article describing newspaper photography in 1957. Sarasota Herald-Tribune "Pictures Play Major Role In Growth of Newspapers" at http://bit.ly/WFJ819

You may need to reduce the magnification and scroll around the page to see all the articles.