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I developed the film as usual. Actually, just thinking about it, I let it stand the ilford rapid fixer 1:4 for about 5 minutes without agitation, plus a few more minutes with intermittent agutation afterwards. The I washed it via filling it with water, inverting it a few times, and pouring it out. The water had tiny bits of gunk suspended in it, giving a creamy appearance. I then gave it a quick wipe down with a wet sponge right after getting it out of the tank, which got off the muck. That roll had no spots or numbers.
I used to be a big fan of this film, but in recent times I have had the circles and numbers issue with nearly all my film.
I have had this issue with different developers and could not solve this problem through different development processes - I think if you avoid this issue for the next 5 or 6 rolls, then maybe your development technique is a good cure (hooray!) - please let us know!