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'Been there, done that'. My first couple of years (57- 59) as a photographer for the University of Michigan student newspaper (Michigan Daily) when on a tight deadline, I occasionally tray processed a 4X5 sheet in a tray of Dektol and printed the negative wet. Newspaper reproduction was via a Fairchild Scan-A-Sizer.

When Google searching for "Fairchild Scan-A-Sizer", I came across this interesting article describing newspaper photography in 1957. Sarasota Herald-Tribune "Pictures Play Major Role In Growth of Newspapers" at http://bit.ly/WFJ819

You may need to reduce the magnification and scroll around the page to see all the articles.
What I found interesting is that if you read both articles it basically says you can develop a piece of film AND print it with enough time left to spend 15-20 minutes with the engraving machine... Meaning the develop and print process could be a MAX of 15 minutes... Such BS... OR those news guys were insane! No wonder they used alcohol to dry it quick, didn't seem to have time to even clear the film! LOL printing right from a wet neg makes a lot of sense from this timeframe schedule lol. I'm sure the newspaper wants to just sound impressive and "wow" the audience but c'mon! Lol


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