Does this sound doable without costing $100+?

OK so I love how Leica hoods are clip-on. I'm not sure if EVERY hood is like this but it is on my Summaron and Summicron. I also like how Rollei hoods on my Flex are bayonet. After being spoiled by these lenses, I don't like using screw-on hoods because they are slower to add/remove. Clip on / bayonet hoods are worth it, in my opinion.

I'm wondering if it is possible to use a clip on / bayonet hood on my contax sonnar (40.5mm). Anyone know of any alternatives? I'm willing to step up if it is possible. Any alternatives?

I've also thought about asking SK grimes to grind me one if it isn't terribly too expensive, I know some people have done some things similar with other lenses. I'd absolutely love to use the 12585 if it is possible.