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Obviously, but it is strange isn't it? The only major markets that are far from populated U.S. centres has the cheapest film. The 3 largest markets, close to major U.S. markets, have expensive film. Just defies logic to me. For $8.99 a roll, no way I'd be continuing to support the local guys, I'd just buy from B&H like so many others clearly have done.
Agreed, I buy from B&H and Tmax is actually cheaper than Tri-X and the Tmax is cheaper than Delta 400 so that's the only Kodak film I buy, if that changes, I'll go back to Ilford, I buy 2 other of their films already anyway and they 'get it' so I'll support them but when grain-less-ness is less important I still go for HP5 over Tri-X, it's got such beautiful tones... Yep, Kodak is certainly pricing themselves out of the market... Shame...


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