Last week I found a pack of the Tetenal E6 kit on sale at my local photo dealer, 5 euros... As I've been thinking for a while now that I should start developing C-41 as well at home I jumped this in a second seeing it as a great price to get started with color home development, and if things go south there's no loss really. Now I just have to get some cheap reversal film to try with as well.

I've been thinking about getting one of these: (yeah it's in french, I live in the south of France, but you see the photo of the item) in order to keep the temperature, if it works for food I assume it would work to keep development tank and bottles warm as well.

And in addition to this, I think I will get an extra Paterson tank + reels dedicated for this process, maybe it's not necessary but hey, who's not anal on this forum....

So those of you who do this without a Jobo, any advice and experience to share?


JF Felinik