I get my E6 and C41 chemicals up to the correct temperature using a dedicated microwave. I always get great results. I do not use a bath to keep the temperature consistent. Also, C41 and E6 chemicals last a lot longer than stated as far as number of rolls you are able to develop and lifespan. Of course, your results are what count. With E6 I follow the recommended rolls per liter - about 8, but the life span is longer than stated. With E6 the temperature is only critical for the first developer and the color not so much. I warm up the color developer in the same way, but it can be used from 95 degrees and up so by the time you get to it (about 6 minutes after the first) it is at an acceptable temperature. For the blix, the times are the same for 75 degrees fahrenheit through 100 degrees so that can remain at room temperature.

Follow the instructions and experiment.