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Many thanks for your response guys.

Just to confirm, the films I developed are Kodacolor II which is C41 process.

I'm confident that correct camera exposure was used at the time, so I can only think that they've not aged very well.

If it's possible to get more reliable results developing them as b&w, then I would. I just want to get a reasonable scanned image from them.

I also have 4 C22 process films from the 70's, and don't know what to do with those!

Barry, do as I said, find the thread on times for processing C-22 in C-41 with the adjusted temperature.

As for the Kodacolor II ... not sure how to help posting some pictures of the film itself (not a scan) might help some of us figure it out with more detail on what "didn't come out" means by seeing it.

Good luck!