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and I maintain that mirko 's explanation on CHS 100 discontinuation is false. It was discontinued because EFKE was down.
I do not know, but wasn't it exactly this what Mirko always told us? Efke stopped production and because of this there is no CHS anymore, this is what everybody knows and what Mirko always said, you can read this in all analog related german forums. But it is not true that Fotokemika (efke) is down, Fotokemika just stopped the production of film and photographic paper. Generally it was a little bit difficult to find out what was going on there in Zamobor, this is what I heard.....

The problem with chemicals is also true, I heard stories about such problems in Zamobor many months before stopping production, so this really could be one reason among others. And the problem with machines seems also to be true.