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For now I'm opened to TLR and SLR, but I'm leaning towards SLR due to macro requirements. On the other hand, TLR is more convenient.
An SLR is a natural choice for macro work.

TLR can be smaller and lighter but I would not necessarily say they are more convenient. You can't change lenses on most of them. There is no autofocus or built in metering. There are no motor drives. Frankly they are quite restrictive in comparison to SLRs. I am not the kind of person that likes to fiddle with knobs and levers. With some medium format SLRs all you have to do is turn them on, focus, and shoot. The camera takes care of the rest. If you want more control you can set the aperture.

To be honest your criteria are not all that restrictive. Any number of camera systems would work for you. The only recommendation I can come up with is SLR because of the Macro work.

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But why my dear TS won't you go for the best of both worlds ? Mamiya RZ67 pro ii !
His enlarger only works up to 6x6.

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I know I want 6x6. I like the square format (I had Lubitel before it was cool, sadly I gave it away) plus my enlarger only goes to 6x6.