I might consider partial trades toward the Galvin- normal modern 4x5 glass, longer 4x5 glass that's fastish, 16x20 4-blade easel, 4x5 diffused vc or dichro enlarger or head for my omega, matt cutter, Autocord, wet plate stuff, or ??

Super Graphic board now $35 shipped*.
Super Graphic Presslok $35 shipped*.
Grafmatic holded- works great, this is a steal at just $75 shipped*.

The Galvin is already a steal. If I can't get $420 shipped I'll keep it, but if you buy it before my next bump I'll include at least ten rolls of c41 and/or B&W 120, likely expired but definitely usable film- my choice but I'll do what I can for you.
I would consider parting the Polaroid back (rare) for $100 shipped*. I would part the recessed board (also hard to find) for $75 shipped*.

*Free Shipping in the USA, others enquire.