As i'll soon be off to Uni and getting my student grant to back up what i've saved so far I wondered if anyone would like to venture their opinion on which is best the voigtlander bessa R/R2 or a leica M2/M4?
I want a rangefinder with a bright focusing spot for low light (i'd heard the voigtlanders were better than the old M2 and possibly than the M4 or at least equal). Build quality is an issue but really it's just a question of whether the leica bodies justify the extra money (after all money saved on a body is money available for better lenses). What should I be looking to pay (AP states a good M2 can be had for roughly 300 though i've never seen them at that price) and where should I look? (are the camera fairs any good or can problems arise over gaurantees?)
Finally as I prefer wide lenses which ones are best (i'd like a 35/50 mm and possibly something wider)
Although i'd like to get a bargain I wouldn't mind shelling out that much extra if the quality is really that different.