I didn't like it much in HC-110 using the times in the MDC. The negatives seemed sort of in-between; kind of grainy but without a really "characterful" grain, not especially sharp in appearance, tonal scale just sort of ordinary-looking. Of course those are all the same complaints people often have about HC-110 itself, so it might be most accurate to say that the film didn't flatter the developer, rather than the other way round. I did get some images I liked---it's not like it ruined my photos, but it didn't make me say "I really like how this combination renders Property X", no matter what "property X" of the film/image I looked at.

I don't shoot much 35mm any more and never went back to Kentmere after that initial trial, but I would expect it to be at its best if you picked a "direction" to go with it: use Rodinal for the acutance and accept the grain, or use a fine-grain developer for smoothness and accept the loss of acutance, but don't try to do a balancing act between different characteristics. All IMHO, of course, and based on very limited experience.