Hello all.

Oh, what a evening. Not sure if these is the right place to post these words, or even if anyone is interested, I just want to share some, for me, interesting finds.

Had a look in some of my fathers old photo bags, and there was a box, no 10 boxes of slides, from -70 and up to -79.
All marked and ready to watch. Did dig out the old slide projector, even that one is close to 40 years, plugged it in......IT works

All these slides where taken with the camera I now have, I am happy and also proud!
Did go true some slides, wow. I am no expert, but I like the quality, really good. So clear, great colors.
Now these is the way to show photos, not on some computer or a digital album of some kind. They sure made it back then.

All these have made me sure, I have to learn to take good photos with these camera, and slides to
Maybe my kids will look at them later, and feel as I do now.

Wish you all a good evening.