Today at work I rescued the lens from a Dell projector that was about to go in the garbage. I was wondering if it would be possible to mount it to a lens board to use with my speed graphic. I've heard of using different types of lenes with the Speed Graphic's focal plane shutter, but Ive never heard of a lens out of a modern projector being used. Here are pictures of what the lens looks like.

2013-02-12_15-46-17_799.jpg 2013-02-12_15-46-24_189.jpg 2013-02-12_15-46-27_934.jpg

The front element is what I think I would have the best luck using.

2013-02-12_15-46-52_230.jpg 2013-02-12_15-46-57_57.jpg

With as small as the rear element is, I don't think it would work. Is that a fair guess? If I do mount it to a lens board, how do I figure the aperture? Is there a better method than guessing and checking? Thanks for any information.