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To tell you the truth, I'm leaning towards Hasselblad. The reason is probably as much emotional as it is rational.
First, I really like it - it really has a unique aesthetics. Second, there should be no problem finding parts for quite some time in the future. And third, the price is not much higher compared to other systems. I mean, you can get a Hasselblad - A Hasselblad for less than Canon 10-22 digital only lens that's not even L quality!?
If you already settled on a Hasselblad and a big part of your decision was based on "aesthetics" why did you start this thread? I mean what are we supposed to say? If you like a camera because of it's aesthetics what if we all think it is ugly? Would you change your mind and choose a different camera? That wouldn't make any sense. If you like the way a Hasselblad looks and it makes you happy then just buy it. I'm just glad you didn't waste our time listing a bunch of non existent objective "facts" to support a decision that had a large emotional component.

Enjoy your Hasselblad and let us know how it works out for you.