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If you really want to understand sensitometry, you need to read something more academic. Photographic Materials and Processes would be an excellent start. Theory of the Photographic Process 3rd edition is a little more advanced.
What bothers me about a lot of this is the explanation in many books and articles. They are sometimes difficult to follow. Ansel Adams I found labourous especially when trying it out for the first time. Personally for me the best method of explanation I have read is "Way Beyond Monochrom"
Phil Davis I read after WBN and he jumped around too much with his explanations.
I have been reading up a bit today of Phil Davis and I think some of the fog is starting to lift understanding his method. I have been using the "Way Beyond Monochrom" method for years and it worked, resulting in me reading BTZS less thorough.
Anyway Stephen I will be reading up on some of yours posts as well, you cover this subjegt a bit.